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Akimitsu Kanzaki WEB


List of works

[1] Shunya Nishio, Daichi Amagata, and Takahiro Hara, "Lamps: Location-Aware Moving Top-K Pub/Sub," IEEE Transactions on Data and Knowledge Engineering, (採録済).
[2] Kishino Yasue, Terada Tsutomu, Villar Nicolas, Gellersen Hans, and Nishio Shojiro, "A Position Detection Mechanism Enabling Location-Aware Pin&Play," International Journal of Smart Home (IJSH), volume 1, number 1, pages 31-39 April 2007.
[1] Kentaro Takahashi, Kaname Harumoto, and Shojiro Nishio, "Peer-To-Peer Searching Mechanisms for Location-Aware Contents with Time-Dependent Importance," In Proc. of International Conference on Digital Information Management (ICDIM 2008), pages 160-165 November 2008.
[2] Yasue Kishino, Tsutomu Terada, Shojiro Nishio, Nicolas Villar, and Hans Gellersen, "A Position Detection Mechanism for Location-Aware Pin & Play," Proc. of Intl Workshop on Smart Home (IWSH 2006), pages 308-317 November 2006.