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K. Udomlamlert, T. Hara, and S. Nishio, "Subscription-Based Data Aggregation Techniques for Top-K Monitoring Queries," World Wide Web, 20(2), pp. 237-265 March 2017.
ID 725
分類 学術論文
タグ aggregation data monitoring queries subscription-based techniques top-k
表題 (title) Subscription-Based Data Aggregation Techniques for Top-K Monitoring Queries
表題 (英文)
著者名 (author) Kamalas Udomlamlert,Takahiro Hara,Shojiro Nishio
英文著者名 (author) ,Takahiro Hara,Shojiro Nishio
キー (key) ,Takahiro Hara,Shojiro Nishio
定期刊行物名等 World Wide Web
巻数 (volume) 20
号数 (number) 2
ページ範囲 (pages) 237-265
刊行月 (month) 3
出版年 (year) 2017
Impact Factor (JCR)
付加情報 (note)
内容梗概 (abstract)
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